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Are Table Games Better Than Slots For Free Rooms?

Table games tend to offer lower casino edge compared to slot machines and typically draw in fewer players – this is especially prevalent among Asian countries that love blackjack, baccarat and roulette games.

If you want to play table games and collect room comps, just be sure to clock in by using your player’s card at each table game. Either place it next to your cash when buying chips, or have one of the floorpersons take care of it for you. Although invisible when used at table games, your casino computer system should still detect it as part of your credit.

Another good strategy is to look for casinos with host programs. Host employees tend to have more discretion than the staff at player’s club desks and may provide you with opportunities that might otherwise go unused. But in order to qualify for one at any particular casino, you will likely need to gamble enough before getting one; exact amounts depend on each location.

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