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Can I Upgrade My Southwest Vacation Hotel Room?

can i upgrade my southwest vacation hotel room

Are You an Elite Hotel Loyalty Program (or Have an Amplifying Travel Rewards Credit Card?) If so, it would be worthwhile exploring whether there might be room upgrades available before booking a trip. Many high-end hotels offer upgrades free of charge during peak travel season for loyal guests; often these upgrades may only be granted if there is space available upon check-in.

When considering whether or not upgrading your southwest vacation hotel room, it’s essential that you understand exactly what an upgrade entails. Upgrades could involve anything from higher floor rooms with further access from elevators to ones featuring fire pits or balconies with stunning views; or they could allow you to move rooms during your stay.

If the agent at the front desk doesn’t agree that you deserve an upgrade immediately, don’t be shy to ask politely anyway. Sometimes the system has misfired, and a quick discussion might just get you upgraded – especially during high volume times such as holidays, conventions and other events!

As part of your hotel/feature reservation, a charge to you will include taxes and service fees associated with both merchants. Your total reservation price will include these amounts which will be divided among them for seamless travel experience.

This article was initially published on August 8, 2018, and has since been revised for accuracy.