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Has Anyone Shipped Clothes to Vacation Hotel?

has anyone shipped cloths to vacation hotel

Has Anyone Delivered Clothes to Their Vacation Hotel? Many hotels accept mail and packages being sent in advance so that they’ll be waiting for you at checkin. Some might require ID as proof, and request they write “c/o (care of) Hotel Name on Package.” Bigger chains or business focused hotels tend to do this more readily than smaller family run places but there may also be options available that do this service as well.

Many travelers prefer vacation rentals over hotels for short-term stays, such as an apartment, villa or room in someone’s home. Such accommodations often feature amenities not found at hotels like full kitchens for cooking meals and laundry services as well as private living areas that make relaxing with friends and family easier.

Rent the Runway’s Closet Concierge Program, available exclusively to Tripadvisor Plus members, enables travelers to rent designer apparel without packing it themselves – simply enter your hotel address when checking out and make sure the shipping address matches. Once at your hotel, call ahead or email ahead to inform staff that a package is on its way – when finished with it all simply swap shipping labels and drop it back off at one of RTR’s drop-off locations!