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What Companies Are in the Health Care Field?

what companies are in the health care field

Healthcare companies, both pharmaceutical and technological, are making an enormous difference to people around the globe. By providing cutting-edge products and innovative services that improve lives worldwide, these healthcare firms are contributing to making life better overall. Here are some top companies who have made significant strides forward for health care worldwide.

Medtronic is one of the world’s leading medical device companies. Their products range from surgical gloves and artificial joints to imaging equipment and surgical gloves. Medtronic’s mission is to enhance patients’ quality of life by helping them heal quickly and completely, and reduce hospital stays and costs as a result.

This company employs smart tech to connect patients and providers. Their platform allows patients to access healthcare from any Internet-enabled location, including virtual visits. Furthermore, the platform aims to foster better communication between patients and providers via an interactive chat system.

This data and analytics firm leverages cutting-edge technology to help clients better understand and manage health outcomes. They provide solutions like clinical development, enterprise imaging and healthcare analytics rooted in real world insights for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare systems and medical practices among their clientele.

This company is fighting back against the nurse staffing crisis by helping professionals schedule and discover available nurses. Their AI-powered float pool management and matching technology allows clients to manage staffing ratios safely without using staffing agencies; its clients include rehabilitation facilities, senior living communities and assisted living communities among many more.

Firsthand is another company that uses cutting-edge technologies to help its clients recover: it offers a mental health care app connecting those suffering from serious mental illnesses with peer support and resources, blending digital technologies with traditional healthcare approaches to provide the most comprehensive and effective care possible.

Merck & Co is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and animal health products. Their innovative medical treatments and vaccines have helped people worldwide live longer, healthier lives.

Since 2000, this company has operated with a credo that stresses its commitment to improving patient lives. Through products, services and investments in underserved communities around the globe, their products, services and investments have made a positive difference in people living with chronic diseases such as diabetes, COVID-19 or asthma.

AKASA’s software helps organizations streamline medical billing and reimbursement processes to allow them to focus on providing high-quality care. It fits seamlessly within an organization’s existing infrastructure by employing business intelligence and analytic insights, onboarding assistance, ongoing support, seamless user interface design as well as incentives designed to promote value-based care actions and engagement.