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What is the Most Popular Role Playing Game?

what is the most popular role playing game

Role-playing games (RPGs) are an expansive genre that span virtually every aspect of human experience, from interplanetary exploration to lightsaber duels, vampire hunter to mutant combat, bloodthirsty vampires to mutants with limited strength that need be bested with golf clubs; all are represented here. Thanks to technology’s advances, these titles feature worlds that are vast and intricately detailed – an immersive gaming experience awaits those new to this genre; we have curated some of the most popular RPGs so you can begin your adventure on your journey today!

D&D remains one of the premier fantasy RPG systems, but that does not make it your only viable option. There are other great tabletop systems such as Dungeon World that provide similar experiences but with reduced preparation time and simpler rules – offering players an accessible introduction into tabletop RPG gaming!

Sword and Sorcery stands as another iconic game in its genre, from goth clubs to back alleys filled with bloodstained walls – its atmospheric setting is what sets this title apart from others in this genre. While not being perfect or bug free, Sword and Sorcery manages to create an engaging world that draws players back for more!

For something a bit more modern, check out the Dragon Age series. While not technically a sandbox game, its open world provides ample opportunity for exploration with its own distinctive setting and characters.

Horror, sci-fi and cyberpunk RPG genres remain very popular; while not typically dominating charts like other RPG genres do, they still maintain an impactful presence. Shadowrun and Cthulhu both fall under this genre as immersive environments filled with demons, spaceships and dubious corporations.

Real life RPGs should also receive recognition. Disco Elysium puts players into the shoes of characters that possess multiple motivations – from law enforcement to criminality – giving you maximum control of how you play your character. Furthermore, its combat system stands out among this list, making this game must-play material for fans of genre gaming.

Let us know in the comments section what your favourite RPGs are; we’d love to hear your suggestions! This article was first published in December 2018 and updated for relevancy; written by Josh Hawkins a freelance writer for iReview.