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How Does the Lotto America Game Work?

how does the lotto america game work

Lotto America, introduced as an alternative to Hot Lotto, features 13 states playing it and offers lower odds than Powerball or Mega Millions to make winning easier. First introduced in November 2017 it’s likely more states will join in the future.

Playing costs $1 per play; however, spending an extra dollar to activate the All-Star Bonus feature that multiplies non-jackpot prizes 2, 3, 4, or 5 times is optional. When choosing this feature or not, make sure that it is clearly marked on your playslip before presenting it for payment as any discrepancies in numbering will cause it to be null and void and will not be honored by retailers or lottery operators.

Add Quick Cash instant-win option to your Lotto America ticket for an additional chance at success! These instant wins do not appear in the official drawing results, however; to ensure it goes through properly. Checking winning numbers via scanning ticket or using the Tennessee Lottery App are both viable ways of checking for success.

One of the key strategic choices Lotto America players face when participating is choosing how often to play. To increase your odds of taking home the top prize, players should enter all 104 draws annually using money earmarked solely for lottery play – not money intended for other uses.

If you win the jackpot, your ticket will remain valid for five years from the date of the drawing in which it was won. Your prize can be claimed in the state where it was purchased; no restrictions apply as far as how much money can be won; however any amounts over $5,000 require taxes be paid to government authorities.

Not only can you win standard prize levels, but there is an added prize available if you match four out of the first five numbers while missing one of the stars; your prize will then double to $100 and odds for hitting the jackpot are estimated to be one in 259.896,600; this is approximately 10 times better than Powerball or Mega Millions games!

Lotto America draws are held twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays and tickets cost one dollar each. You can select five numbers between 1-52 and one from 1-10 for your Star Ball number selections; jackpot starts at $2 Million with each draw passing without a winner being found!

Your Lotto America prizes must be claimed in the state where you purchased them, from retailers for smaller prizes or through your state lottery office for larger ones. Our How to Claim page provides more details, but be wary of scammers trying to contact you claiming you’ve won – these scammers could attempt to contact you and claim your prize without your knowledge! Be wary of anyone contacting or emailing you claiming they’ve won the lottery as they could be scammers looking for easy targets!