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All Or Nothing Lottery Game

All or Nothing lottery game offers players a chance to either win all or none of the numbers, for two dollars per ticket. Repeating multiple drawings using a similar set of numbers by marking boxes on a playslip.

Matching all 12 numbers could win players $100,000; those matching 10 or 11 numbers can still win fixed prizes.

Game rules

All or Nothing Lottery Game offers players a unique lottery experience. By selecting 12 numbers between 1-24, they have a chance at matching any or none of the winning numbers – prizes can range anywhere from $250,000 up to smaller tiers; draws take place Monday through Saturday four times daily.

Each entry to a drawing costs $2 and you can register up to 24 entries at once. Select your own numbers or ask the computer to randomly pick them for you; or add in twice weekly draws that include two sets of 12 numbers to check whether or not you have won any prizes; the top prize stands at $250,000. All or Nothing tickets can be found at participating Texas Lottery retailers, online ticket sellers or at their winners’ center in person.

Odds of winning

To be successful at lottery, selecting your numbers wisely is key to winning. While it may be tempting to go with numbers related to significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries, such a strategy lowers your odds significantly and could reduce chances of hitting jackpot. Instead, opt for unique and less likely shared ones instead.

Odds of winning depend on the combination of numbers you select and total tickets purchased. The top prize of $250,000 can be won either by selecting all 12 winning numbers or none at all.

To play, purchase a Texas Lottery All or Nothing playslip for $2 and select 12 numbers between 1-24 or use Quick Pick to allow the terminal to randomly choose them for you. If your selected numbers match up with those drawn from Jackpocket, prizes up to $599 may automatically be credited back into your Jackpocket account or can also be claimed from participating retailers.


Each All or Nothing ticket costs $2 and gives you the chance to win prizes if your selected numbers match those drawn balls. You have two choices for selecting numbers – picking your own numbers manually or opting for Quick Pick, where numbers will be randomly picked by a machine; or you can play All or Nothing with multipliers that increase payout if winning numbers match; odds for hitting jackpot prizes are one in 2,704,156 (for more details please visit All or Nothing Odds Page).

This game boasts an innovative prize structure, offering equal top prize money if you select half or none of the 12 numbers correctly, or none at all. Four daily drawings take place and you can select multiple times using Multi-Draw boxes on your playslip; or add bonus features by marking Y boxes or asking your retailer for a Quick Pick with All or Nothing Bonus feature.