What Sporting Events Are Happening Today and 10 Largest Sports Events You Should Attend

what sporting events are happening today

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, not every event can be included on this list; please check back frequently as it could change daily.

What Sports Events Are Happening Today New York City boasts many historic teams and venues as well as dedicated fans. New York is home to four National Football League (NFL) franchises – New York Giants, Jets, Mets; Brooklyn Nets/Knicks from National Basketball Association/National Hockey League; Islanders/Rangers (NHL); in addition to robust soccer/baseball franchises and two major arenas like Madison Square Garden/Yankee Stadium for professional hockey games and tournaments.

Sports events go beyond thrilling matches and breathtaking finishes; they also unite people from all backgrounds through healthy competition and create an international brotherhood spirit. At these colossal sporting events, unrivaled athletic excellence meets timeless moments for unforgettable atmosphere – these must be experienced firsthand for true understanding! Here are 10 largest sporting events you should add to your bucket list.