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What Georgia Lottery Game Plays Tonight

The Georgia Lottery offers an assortment of games and prizes for players. Keno offers big wins while scratchers make for fun betting games. Tickets may also be purchased online or using its free mobile app; please be aware that tickets must be purchased in Georgia itself before using this option; use this app to scan tickets, verify winning numbers, scan winning tickets with an image scanner app, use winning number alerts as well as signing up to become part of its Players Club for special offers, updates, jackpot alerts.

Georgia Lottery provides more than just lottery games; it’s also an active contributor to local communities. Scholarships and grants for health and wellness projects are among the many services it provides to Georgia’s high school and college students, veterans and those suffering from serious illnesses – helping low-income families, veterans, low-income veterans and people suffering serious illness alike. Their contributions have raised over $15.5 billion for Georgia education programs alone!

Play the Georgia Lottery online, at retail locations or via its mobile app. Once you buy tickets anywhere you have 180 days from purchase date to claim them from their prize center – be prepared to present an ID showing both name and address details during this time period if claiming your tickets from within that window! Instant-win games prizes can also be redeemed through retailers that sell Lottery tickets.

Georgia Lottery offers an exciting way to try your luck online through their Diggi Games collection of online scratch-offs, with prizes ranging from $0.50 to $10 and can be played from any device – some even have jackpots up to $350,000!

Georgia Lottery takes great pride in keeping up with technology and marketing trends, including being the first lottery in the country to launch an e-ticketing service, which allows players to purchase both digital and physical lottery tickets via their phones. Furthermore, an online rewards store gives access to second chance lottery games as well as promotional offerings.

if your lottery ticket was unsuccessful, Georgia Lottery offers a program called Second Chance that allows you to enter another drawing for a prize – usually cash but sometimes car or vacation packages as well. To participate, register with Georgia Lottery Players Club and submit your ticket code; after receiving notification that you won, check your account on Georgia Lottery website or call customer support line immediately – note however, to do this you must already be registered as player before accessing Second Chance as it requires login into Georgia Lottery Players Club account with updated preferences if already existing members; join now – join today & save!