Ohio Lottery Announces Winners of Billion Scratch-Off Game

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Ohio Lottery officials reported an unspecified “cybersecurity incident” on Christmas Eve that continues to affect their technology systems, preventing winners from cashing prizes of $600 or greater at retail locations and suspending mobile prize cashing; winning tickets with total winnings under $599 can still be sent directly to their central office for payment; Ohio Lottery officials expect this issue will be resolved shortly.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — One lucky winner has won the second-tier prize in the 2023 Lucky For Life lottery drawing by purchasing their ticket at Tobacco Plus in Westerville. This prize is worth $1,000 per day for life or a one-time payout of $5,750,000.

Maureen McDonnell of Brooklyn was awarded the top prize in the Billion scratch-off game. She purchased her ticket at Memphis Shell on 7210 Memphis Avenue in Cleveland. Maureen selected an annuity prize which will provide annual payments totalling $1 Million prior to federal and state tax withholdings.

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