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How to Play the New Mo Lottery Ezmatch Game Card

how to play the new mo lottery ezmatch game card

If you want a chance at big winnings, then the new mo lottery ezmatch game card could be your ticket to success. Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or directly at Missouri Lottery retailers; all winnings must be claimed within 180 days after a draw date; each ticket must be signed as proof of selection for validation purposes – remembering that proceeds go back into public education! Every purchase of Missouri Lottery tickets helps advance public education across Missouri!

This game allows players to select five numbers between 1-60 and one Cash Ball number from 1-4 for just $2 per play, as well as add Multi-Draw, EZ Match, or Lotto Doubler features at an extra dollar each – these options will enter all chosen numbers twice for a chance at up to $200,000 every week!

Missouri Lottery purchases fund homegrown draw games that offer smaller jackpots than the multi-state jackpot games; however, these jackpots still can offer life-changing sums of money to their winners. Popular examples are Pick 3 and Pick 4, both popular local lotteries. Pick 4 offers an EZ Match option for an extra dollar that prints six EZ Match numbers below the player’s chosen Lotto numbers in random order; should any match up instantly winning prizes of equal amounts displayed next to any of those matching numbers (regardless of order), instantly winning that amount printed next to that particular EZ Match number(s).

Missouri Lotto is the most beloved local Lottery game, offering up a maximum payout of $1 Million when matching all six numbers in one drawing. The Lotto’s jackpot starts at a minimum of $1 Million and keeps growing until someone wins it all! Furthermore, liability limits prevent the Missouri Lotto from selling more numbers than it can pay for.