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What is the Cold Herbal Tea Paraguayans Drink?

what is the cold herbal tea paraguayans drink

Terere is a refreshing beverage and an integral part of Paraguayan culture, symbolizing friendship and hospitality. Made with yerba mate mixed with herbs, fruits, and medicinal plants that is steeped together before serving cold. Not only is this revitalizing tea a thirst-quencher; it can also offer invigorating energy boost as well as various health benefits including weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, stress relief, etc.

Yerba Mate, the main component in terere, offers a distinct flavor profile of smooth earthiness with subtle nutty notes. Roasted leaves of this herb contain caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline; stimulants similar to coffee and chocolate which help increase alertness while elevating mood. Furthermore, its abundant antioxidant content fights oxidative damage, supports immunity systems, and promotes overall well-being.

Terere recipes can vary to meet the individual’s specific needs, depending on which medicinal plants, fruits and herbs are included in them. Lemon verbena may help relieve digestive ailments like stomach aches or indigestion while other herbs such as passionflower are said to assist with anxiety or depression symptoms. Some herbs also boast antioxidant properties which may aid in the prevention of chronic diseases while improving cardiovascular wellbeing.

Selecting which herbs to add to a drink is an artful practice with its roots in traditional Paraguayan medicine. Knowledge of which plant works for different situations or feelings is called poha nana in Guarani and passed down from generation to generation. This practice often results in the name of the drink itself being “terere”, or tea with medicinal plants.

Many yerba mates are made using citrus fruits, which offer natural sweetness. Other flavors such as hibiscus and lavender create herbal blends rich in vitamins and minerals; these herbal infusions have also been known to enhance sleep quality and alleviate indigestion symptoms.

Some yerba mates contain medicinal mushrooms known for their anti-inflammatory effects and to treat digestive ailments, such as gas and bloating.

Finding ingredients to make terere is best done at local markets or specialty tea stores that specialize in international herbal products, though online purchases of ingredients may also work. A terere kit contains everything needed for making this refreshing beverage at home: including mug/pitcher/bombilla set as well as box of pre-packed yerba mate!