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Does Anyone Use Fuse to Create Characters For Poker Machines?

Mixamo Fuse is an intuitive character creation software package with numerous customization features that makes creating unique characters easy for use in 3D computer games, movies and other forms of digital media. Boasting an extensive library of hairstyles, clothing and accessories; powerful tools for customizing facial expressions; morphs adjustment; pose creation; Fuse is an indispensable resource for game developers, animators and illustrators.

Mixamo’s fourth title is Fuse, its character creation software for both professional and amateur artists alike. Along with being able to easily customize 3D character features, Fuse integrates with Adobe’s Photoshop software for importing digital assets; additionally it’s compatible with all major 3D modeling programs allowing users to apply and export characters onto any engine or platform they desire.

Fuse begins when a top secret government weapons lab goes dark, prompting the CIA’s black ops team Overstrike 9 to investigate. Overstrike 9 quickly learns that Raven Corporation has acquired Fuse, an alien substance used for powering advanced weapons but which also bonds strongly with anything it comes into contact with, making it extremely dangerous.

Overstrike 9’s mission in Overstrike 9 involves facing off against an array of enemies including Dalton’s former flame and boss Meilin Mao; Naya’s estranged father Luther Deveraux; Ivan Sovlenko who plans on using Fuse to gain superhuman powers; as well as Senator William Fable. Together, Overstrike must use its unique Fuse-powered weapons, tech gadgets, and deadly teamwork skills in order to keep Raven from acquiring this deadly alien substance from reaching Raven.

Overstrike 9 players each possess two weapons; these can be upgraded using the XP earned from killing enemies. Aside from some basic upgrades – more ammo here or a higher critical chance there – the skill trees remain relatively uninspiring without offering much depth or creativity.

However, playing Overstrike team is quite enjoyable. Each member contributes unique skills that complement one another well during cover-based combat; Dalton serves as the tank of his squad with his Mag-Shield that can absorb incoming fire or blast an energy blast that liquefies and damages enemies along its path. He can also prioritize skills that enhance this Mag-Shield for greater survivability as he levels up.

Fuse’s main attraction lies in its eclectic weapons and sci-fi universe, but it also manages to deliver on its promise of equal emphasis between co-op and solo action. A worthy current-gen swan song for Insomniac that should please fans of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises; even if its potential hasn’t fully materialized.

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